Krabbsyn, Code Kbb-S und Kbb-k

Use: To preserve shelled (Kbb-K) and unshelled (Kbb-S) prawns and shrimps
Country of origin: Germany
Declaration of composition:
(in accordance with the German regulations for the description of food products and EC Directive 79/112/EEC)
Acidity agent E 330, preserving agent benzoic acid, cooking salt, acidity regulator E 331, thickening agent E 412
Declaration: Contains preserving agent benzoic acid
Shelf-life: Approx. 18 months at 4°C to 20°C. Packaging must be kept closed and airtight.
Packaging: Reinforced paper sacks with plastic lining
Net weight: 25.0 kg
Gross weight: 25.25 kg
Storage: Cool, dry and dark
Recommended quantity: 1.5% 100 kg shelled or unshelled shrimps or prawns are mixed with 1.5 parts Krabbsyn-Kbb-K (shelled) or Krabbsyn-Kbb-S (unshelled) and 1 to 1.5 parts cooking salt in a dry state. The product is then ready for packing.
Appearance: White, crystalline
Smell: Neutral
Taste: Acidic

NOTE: Krabbsyn-Kbb-K and Krabbsyn-Kbb-S comply with the regulations in the Food Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. We advise our overseas customers to check whether these products comply with the regulations valid in their country.


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