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Konservit KVT Code: KVT

Use: KONSERVIT prolongs the keeping quality of food. It can be used for all foods to be preserved without heating, e.g. seafood, salads, dressings, eggs, etc.
Country of origin: Germany
Source material: Additives to reduce pH-value
Declaration on label: Citric acid E 330, cooking salt, E 331
Shelf-life: Approx. 18 months at 4°C to 20°C. Packaging must be kept closed and airtight. If only part of the contents are used the packaging must be re-closed immediately.
Packaging: Reinforced paper sacks with plastic lining
Net weight: 25.0 kg
Gross weight: 25.25 kg
Storage: Must be kept in a cool, dry and dark place
Instructions for use and recommended quantity: First the concentrate must be prepared by mixing 1 part KONSERVIT with 4 parts water. The prepared concentrate is then added to the food product in the ratio of 0.2% KONSERVIT and 99.8% food product. The concentrate can also be used as a dipping solution to sterilise food surfaces, e.g. of meat products, vegetables, etc.
Appearance: White, crystalline
Smell: Neutral
Taste: Acidic
Solubility: Completely soluble in water
pH value of the concentrate: Approx. 1.8
Warning: Can cause irritation to the eyes and skin. If Konservit comes into contact with the eyes or skin rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor. Spilled or leaked Konservit should be rinsed away with water.

NOTE: Konservit KVT complies with the regulations in the Food Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and may be added to all foods.We advise our overseas customers to check whether this product complies with the regulations valid in their country.



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