Preserving Agents

Our second group of products are preserving agents in liquid or powder form. As well as destroying bacteria in and on the surface of food they add a spicy taste at the same time. They are used for fish, meat and vegetables and are especially useful in the production of delicatessen salads in which ingredients are often used in the raw state and therefore destruction of bacteria by the cooking process does not take place.

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Here are two of our preserving agents.

We will be glad to send you specifications of our other products with descriptions and suggestions for use on request.


Konservit, Code KVT

Prolongs the keeping quality of food. Available in powder form or can be dissolved in water if a liquid preserving agent is required. Can be used for all foods to be preserved without heating, Need not be declared on finished product when used in the recommended quantity.


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Krabbsyn, Code Kbb-K and Kbb-S

For preservation of shelled (Kbb-K) and unshelled (Kbb-S) shrimps, prawns and scampi. Contains preserving agent benzoic acid.

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