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Our Company

Our company was formed in 1957 by Wolfgang Henning, a qualified and experienced food technologist. He began experimenting with different methods of smoking meat and fish in 1946 with the aim of shortening the time required for smoking food and at the same time reducing the carcinogens which form during food smoking and are a potential health hazard.

He succeeded in producing smoke flavourings which gave food a smoky taste and aroma. The addition of these flavourings to food has a number of advantages for both food manufacturers and consumers. For the manufacturers it means a much faster manufacturing process and therefore product turnover, and also a marked reduction in weight loss due to drying out ? a normally unavoidable process during conventional food smoking. For the consumers it means they can enjoy smoked foods which are much less of a health hazard than conventionally smoked products.

Wolfgang Henning in 1946

HENNING now offers a wide selection of smoke flavourings to produce both savoury (salt) and sweet (sugar) tastes. They are also available in combination with other spices and breadcrumb and flour coatings to cover the very varied requirements of our customers in the meat and seafood industries. Our products are subjected to stringent quality control in our laboratory, and the range is constantly under review to keep up with the changes in demand. We also produce flavourings in co-operation with and exclusively for customers who require a special flavour and/or preserving agent for a particular purpose.

Our customers include well-established companies in the fish and seafood industries, and also manufacturers of bakery products, soups and sauces in Germany and other European countries.


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