Smoked Dextrose RDEX

Smoked Dextrose RDEX Code: RDEX

Use: Can be used for all foods, e.g. cooked meats, sausages, soups, sauces, pre-packed salads, bakery products, cheese spreads, etc. May also be blended with other spices and flavouring agents.
Country of origin: Germany
Source material: Dextrose (maize)
Method of production: Smoking
Declaration of composition:
(in accordance with the German regulations) for the description of food products and EC Directive 79/112/EEC
Dextrose Smoke
Shelf-life: Approx. 18 months at 4°C to 20°C.
Packaging: Reinforced paper sacks with plastic lining
Net weight: 25.0 kg
Gross weight: 25.25 kg
Storage: Cool, dry and dark
Recommended quantity: 0.1 - 2.0% depending on the degree of smokiness required
Appearance: Smoky yellow-brown, becomes darker with time
Smell: Smoky
Taste: Smoky, sweet
Solubility: Dissolves completely in water


NOTE: Smoked Dextrose RDEX complies with the regulations of the Food Laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and may be used in all foods. We advise our overseas customers to check whether this product complies with the regulations valid in their country.


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