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Smoke Flavourings

Our smoke flavourings are made from natural food bases, e.g. salt or sugar, which are exposed to natural smoke from smouldering beech wood until they have absorbed the required quantity. When added to other foods, e.g. meat, fish, soups, sauces or bakery products, the smoky taste and aroma ? either smoky-salty or smoky-sweet ? is transferred to the main food product. We manufacture a number of smoke flavourings in different concentrations, allowing variation of the intensity of the smoky taste as required.

Our products give the main food product a characteristic smoked flavour and aroma which can otherwise only be achieved by the expensive and time-intensive procedure of smoking in a smoking chamber. They ensure that in sausages and cooked meats the smoky taste is evenly distributed throughout. In soups and sauces they add a hint of meatiness to the taste.

Our smoke flavourings can be added or applied to other food products in different ways

  • rubbing onto the surface
  • mixing with other ingredients
  • injection into the finished product or
  • the product can be dipped into a solution of our flavouring.

Here are two of our smoke flavourings. We will be glad to send you spezifications of our other products with descriptions and suggestions for use on request.

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Salty in taste, suitable for all foods, e.g. to give a smoky flavour and aroma to meat, fish, pre-packed salads, soups and sauces. May also be blended with other spices and flavouring agents.

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Can be used in all foods, especially tasty in foods of liquid or creamy consistency, such as cheese spreads, soups, sauces and also meat and bakery products. Especially suitable for use in low-salt recipes.

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